2023 Beijing Launch of “Hospitality Shandong, Quality Shandong” Promotion Event


The opening ceremony of the “Hospitality Shandong, Quality Shandong” 2023 promotion event took place at the Beijing Exhibition Center on the morning of November 10th. Over 500 guests from various backgrounds and nearly 200 domestic and international media reporters gathered in the capital, Beijing, to explore the beauty of “Hospitality Shandong" and experience the excellence of "Quality Shandong.”

Lin Wu, a member of the Provincial Committee of the CPC, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. The Deputy Provincial Committee of the CPC and the Governor, Zhou Naixiang, provided the keynote introduction.

During his speech, Lin Wu stated that Shandong is a province with a large population, a strong economy, and rich cultural heritage. It is a critical industrial base in China and a strategic pillar for economic development in the northern region. In recent years, Shandong has been continuously enhancing its regional public brand, focusing on improving service quality and product quality. ‘Hospitality Shandong, Quality Shandong” has become a shining emblem of Shandong’s high-quality development. This emblem is rooted in the rich cultural soil of Shandong, characterized by the vigor of innovation and creation, the relentless pursuit of excellence, and the confidence and charm of openness and inclusiveness. “Hospitality Shandong, Quality Shandong” is not just an unwavering commitment but also a promise for a mutually beneficial future. We are committed to shaping a “good brand,” providing “excellent service,” strengthening “good quality,” and sharing “good stories.” We aim to make “Hospitality Shandong, Quality Shandong” a well-known and globally renowned name. We welcome everyone to Shandong to savor delicious cuisine, enjoy beautiful scenery, make friends, share genuine emotions, seek development, and win the future.

Zhou Naixiang remarked that the purpose of hosting this event in Beijing is to further implement the important directives and requirements from President Xi Jinping regarding Shandong’s development. The goal is to consolidate our brand and enhance our quality, presenting the world with the remarkable calling card of “Hospitality Shandong, Quality Shandong.” This card is a radiant “cultural emblem,” steeped in the profound cultural charm of Shandong. It’s a picturesque “landscape emblem,” portraying the grandeur of Shandong’s mountains and seas. It’s a bountiful “product emblem,” brimming with the delicious and authentic flavors of Shandong. It’s a sincere “quality emblem,” embodying the pursuit of excellence and distinctive craftsmanship. It’s a dynamic “development emblem,” showcasing the spirit of openness and cooperation for mutual growth. A visit to Shandong is a lifelong bond with Shandong. We warmly welcome everyone to visit Shandong frequently, experience our hospitality, enjoy our quality, savor the rich culture of Shandong, and feel the warmth of friendship.

British Ambassador to China, Wu Ruolan, and Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Deng Xiaogang, expressed in their speeches that this special promotion event held in Beijing truly highlights Shandong’s hospitality and the excellence of its products. They hope that all parties involved in the event will utilize this platform effectively, strengthen exchanges, and promote cooperation, further enhancing the visibility and influence of “Hospitality Shandong, Quality Shandong” nationally and globally.

Organized by the People’s Government of Shandong Province, this event is scheduled from November 10th to 12th at the Beijing Exhibition Center. It encompasses an opening ceremony, specialized promotional sessions, showcases of achievements, experiential sales, and small-scale theatrical performances. Through immersive presentations and open exhibitions, the event aims to spotlight the accomplishments in establishing the “Hospitality Shandong, Quality Shandong” brand. It offers domestic and international visitors an up-close experience of Shandong's warm hospitality and exceptional products.

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